Celeste is a one storey house design with 2 bedrooms.  The garage is designed to be enclosed for flexibility of purpose. In terms of safety, this garage is equipped with a roll-up door and high windows at the right wall. This can also be an extra room for storage if stuff gets messy in the main floor rooms. Transferring the car outside temporarily, this room can be a place for a small gathering.

The small porch is on the main entrance which provides cover to the main door leading to the living room. The living room is 20 square meters at 5 meters width large enough to accommodate a guest for the family in the receiving area. The adjoining walls in this area are provided with windows to maintain continuous airflow and ventilation. The left wall can be left without window if fire-walled to utilize more space for the house. One storey house design Celeste can be accommodated in lot with  227 square meters in area. Leaving 1.5 meters on each side as a setback, you should have at least 11.6 meters width. Still can be a squeeze to  10 meters if you are going to firewall the left side of the living room.

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