Three basic purposes of Water Treatment Plant are as follows

1- To produce water that is safe for human consumption.

2- To produce water that is appealing to the consumer.
3- To produce water using facilities which can be constructed and operated at a reasonable cost.

Production of biologically and chemically safe water is the primary goal in the design of water treatment plants; anything less is unacceptable. The second basic objective of water treatment is the production of water that is appealing to the consumer. Ideally, appealing water is one that is clear and colourless, pleasant to the taste, odourless, and cool. It is none staining, corrosive nor scale forming, and reasonably soft.

Complete Water Supply Treatment Plant Design Excel Sheet

Calculation of Water Demand Physical and Chemical Standards Of Water Comparison of Given Data and Standard Data and Treatment Proposed Design of Intake Well
Design of Pen Stock and Bell Mouth Strainer Design of Gravity Main Design of Jack Well Design Of Pumping System

Design of Rising Main Treatment Units – Design Of Aeration Unit Design Of Chemical House and Calculation Of Chemical Dose Lime – Soda Process Design Criteria for Mechanical Rapid Mix Unit Design Of Clariflocculator Design Of Rapid Gravity Filter

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