RCC Structures are structures made of reinforced concrete. RCC structures are made up of construction components such as footings, columns, beams, slabs, stairs, and so on. These components are strengthened with steel, which provides the structure with solidity.

STAIRCASE is a critical component of an RCC construction. In a public building, the stairs must lead directly from the main door and be strategically situated to enable easy access to the main units. All stairwells should be appropriately lit and ventilated. The typical stair mix is 3 parts cement, 2 parts sand, 4 parts gravel, and water. It is advised that a concrete vibrator be used when pouring the concrete to completely fill the stair gaps and minimize honeycomb development.

Advantages of RCC stairs:

The advantages of R.C.C stairs are as follows:

1. R.C.C. stairs are better fire-resistant than any other stairs.

2. They are adequately strong and more durable.

3. The steps are non-slippery.

4. They offer better and more pleasant appearances.

5. The stairs can be designed for greater widths and longer spans.

6. They can be easily cleaned.

7. R.C.C. stairs can be precast or cast in situ.

8. The maintenance cost is almost nil.

9. In modern skyscraper construction always framed structures are adopted, for such structures, R.C.C. stairs are the one and only stairs which can be used.

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