Concrete cover
Concrete covering is the cover provided for the reinforcement in reinforced cement concrete. Cover is defined as the distance between the outer surface of the concrete and the inserted reinforcement.

Why do we provide concrete cover?
The covering is provided to arrest the attack of corrosion. Reinforcement is prone to corrosion and fire in atmospheric conditions. If the proper cover isn’t implemented then there is more chance of corrosion and cracks in hardened RCC.
Covering is provided for every element of the building (slabs, beams, footings) where the reinforcement is used. To maintain the proper arrangement of reinforcement and to provide a covering for reinforcement. Covering blocks are used.

Conditions for concrete cover



If the length of the item is ≤ 0.3m

1" or 25mm or

If the length of the
item is in between
0.4m to 0.5m then

2" or 50mm or

If the length of the
item is≥ 0.6m then

4" or 100mm or

Clear cover to reinforcement

  • Footings: 75 mm
  • Foundation.Top: 50
  • Foundation.Bottom/side: 75 mm
  • Strap beam: 50 mm
  • Grade slab: 20 mm
  • Column: 40 mm
  • Shear wall: 25 mm
  • Beams: 25 mm
  • Slabs: 15 mm
  • Flat slab: 20 mm
  • Staircase: 15 mm

There are different of covering blocks based on the type of material used:-
1. Wooden concrete cover block
2. Rcc concrete cover block
3. Pvc block
4. Pcc concrete cover block

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