This cool hack is a method being implemented in major cities to plant trees on streets, sidewalks, boulevards, and avenues. The ideal method is also for patios and country land.

  • Dig from 60 cm to a meter, depending on the size of the tree,
  • Put a 4-inch PVC pipe and 
  • Fill it with stones, 
  • Put the tree or the palm that you are going to plant, 
  • Cover the tube with soil. 

It will serve for you to water your tree or palm that making it easier for the water to go directly to the root.

When this method: is not applied, just plant the tree and water it, but when you pour water on the surface, the root will look for water and this tends to rise as a consequence, the root rises and causes the pavement of the streets and sidewalks to rise. and it breaks.

That is why the installation of the PVC pipe is being implemented.

Two great benefits:

1. Beautify the main avenues, homes, and land.

2. Avoid so much heat.

Method for planting trees in major cities

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