Civil Engineering and Architecture are similar fields but they have distinct workings. Civil Engineering is concerned with structural elements of the design as it is focused on making the structures more endurable to extreme weather conditions, checking the quality of material used in the formation of a building, etc. Whereas, Architecture is all about enhancing the spatial functionality along with the aesthetics of the structure. The field of Architecture emphasizes bettering the artistry, look, functionality, etc of a structure.

The description of the roles of both the Civil Engineers and Architects will help you understand the distinction between Civil Engineers vs Architecture. While constructing a building, the primary role is that of an Architect as they will design the structure. All the details like style, shape, color, etc will be completely managed by them. Once all this is done, the role of a Civil Engineer comes into play as they analyze and make sure that the construction becomes rock solid. Civil Engineers will gauge out the best material required in the making of the construction. In simpler words, Architects will help you design your dream structure whereas Civil Engineers will ensure that it stays rock solid for years and years.

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