Bricks Calculator is a tool/device that is used to allow you to count the number of bricks you will need to complete a wall (Estimated Necessary Number of Bricks in a Wall Construction). Even so, the traditional way to calculate the amount of brick is more practical, if it is to design a more complex wall.

Bricks Calculation For A Wall

Have you ever wondered how many bricks you need to build a wall? For a contractor, knowledge in calculating the bricks is very important to save time, energy and cost to build a wall. For a homeowner, this knowledge is also important to avoid being cheated by a contractor or home builder.

How to calculate the bricks needed to build a wall?

Before you use a Bricks Calculator to count bricks for a wall, it is better for me to share with you the manual way to count the needed bricks to complete your wall. You want to build a wall 30 ‘x 40’ and 5 inches thick. Multiply all. Therefore, you would multiply 30 x 40 = 1200 square feet. Then, get the brick volume. For example, the bricks  are measured as bt = 3 “, bl = 8” . (Additional info: the size of a brick is according to your area.) Convert inches to feet. 3/12 x 8/12 = 0.16666 square feet.

The calculation for the number of bricks

Divide the volume of the wall, with brick volume. 1200/0.1666 = 7202.881 Then, well-rounded to more realistic figures of 7203 bricks.

1/2 inch thick mortar = 5%
1 inch thick mortar = 10%

Just in case you want to use 1/2 inch mortar to connect and attach brick, you can remove 1% of the total brick to allow filling mortar.

1- First of all, you have to know what is the area of ​​the wall that you want to set up. The formula, sl x sw x bd.

2- Then, you need to know what length, width and the thickness of the brick. The formula, bl x bw x bt.

3- Finally, you must know how thick mortar to be used for connecting all the bricks.

Example of bricks calculation for a wall

So, 7203 x 10/100 = 720.3, this amount is unnecessary bricks. Round this value to a more realistic figure, which is, 720 bricks. Then to get the final amount, you should subtract the original brick of 7203 with unnecessary amounts of brick, 720 bricks.

7203 – 720 = 6483.

So you need 6483 bricks to complete a wall-sized 30 ‘x 40’ and 5 inches thick.

This calculation is for single-layer brick. If you need a double layer, just double the value by multiplying 6483 x 2= 12,966 bricks.

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