Lazzarini design studio, a team of designers, engineers, and dreamers based in Rome, Italy, imagines the future of flying vehicles. The formula drone one concept is a tri-copter that can be built with today’s drone technology. The red prototype concept was inspired by the curves and geometries of a 1950s Formula One Ferrari, resulting in a modernist appearance.

Lazzarini’s Tricopter is powered by six electric engines, four in the front and two in the back. All of the engines are linked by a belt system to the V12 petrol engine, which is positioned in the front of the car. The vehicle can fly by drawing power directly from the engine or from the batteries.

The entire carbon fiber construction body comfortably seats two people and has three battery packs in its basement. The formula drone is 7.40 meters long and weighs less than 900kg. The vehicle could theoretically attain a top speed of around 500 km/h and have a range of three hours.

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