The Binding wire calculation does not have any formula to find out the weight of the binding wire, so here we just use the Thumb rules to find the weight of the binding wire.

1- Binding Wire are required for 100 kg of steel = 0.9 to 1.3 kg

2- Binding wire is required for 1 Ton ( 1000 kg) of steel = 9 to 13 kg

3- For one Ton steelwork ( 1000 kg) if the diameter of steel is 28 mm to 32 mm so there we required just 7 kg of binding wire to bend the steel with each other.

So there is important to find the weight of binding wire for RCC (steel) works which are the exact weight for the above steel weight.

The quantity of binding wire depends on

1- Type of structure

2-Type of bar

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