RCC  Hume Pipes are used for culverts, irrigation, drain and Sewer Lines. The Various Diameter of RCC Hume pipes available such as  100 mm, 150 mm,200 mm,250mm,300mm, 350mm,400mm,450mm, etc. RCC Hume pies are Placed across the culverts, drainage, sewer, Irrigation for easily drain the water. This pipes are very much difficulty in installation and acquire heavy equipment for movement and placing of Hume pipes.

RCC Hume pipe has some advantage and disadvantage. These Hume pipes area much better than the metal pipes because in metal pipes there will be more chances of rusting. Precast Concrete pipes may not be suitable in acidic, alkaline and temporary hard water But Reinforced concrete Hume pipes are useful for black cotton soils.

Weight of Reinforced Concrete Hume Pipe

Let us consider:

Inner radius of Hume pipes (R1) = 20 cm = 0.2 m

Outer Radius of Hume Pipe (R2) =25 cm =0.25 m

Length of RCC Hume pipe (L)    = 1 m

Density of Reinforced Cement Concrete = 2500 kg/ m3

The volume of R CC concrete Pipe =?

We know that

The volume of outer radius =π r12 x L

Volume of Inner radius = π r22 x L

So Total Volume of RCC Hume Pipe  = π x (r22 – r12 )x L = π x [ (0.25)2 – (0.2)2] x 1  = 0.07068 m3.

Now, let us calculate the Weight of Reinforced Concrete Hume Pipes

So Weight of Hume Pipes = Volume of Hume Pipes x Density of Material used = 0.07068 x 2500 = 176.714 kg.

Hence, the weight of  R CC Hume pipes is 176.714 kg.

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