mild steel is the best Steel which containing low quantity of carbon about 0. 05-0.2 5%, it makes more malleable and ductile, it has generally low tensile strength but it is cheap and easy to form, due to low carbon contains it is also called” Low Carbon Steel”, it has high amount of iron and ferrite that’s why it is more magnetic.


mild steel moulded to form various materials like a screw, nuts, bolts, Steel plates and many more in various shape and size due to more malleability and ductility used of mild

steel plate

the mild steel plate can be used in the field of civil construction, building construction and designing, it can be used in building industry construction of multistoreys building.

Example 1

The length of the mild plate = L = 1 m

The breadth of the mild plate = B = 1 m

The thickness of the mild plate = T = 60 mm = 0.06 m

Volume Of plate = L x B x T = 1 x 1 x 0.06 =0.06 m3

∴ Weight of steel plate = Volume of steel plate x Density of steel.

Weight of steel plate = 0.06 x 7850 = 471.00Kg.

Example 2

Given the dimension of the steel plate is the following:-

Length L =1 m

Breadth B =1 m

Thickness t = 10 mm

Now convert all dimension  in metre

L =1m

b = 1m

t =10mm=0.01m



Density of steel =7850 kg/m3

Weight = (l×b×t) ×7850 kg/m3

= (1×1×0.01) m3×7850 kg/m3

=0.01 m3×7850kg/m3

Weight =78.50 Kg Ans.

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