Under this construction video tutorial, one can gather brief knowledge on how to design a singly reinforced concrete beam section in seven useful steps.

The video is based on providing a solution to a problem like designing a 20 feet long simply supported beam to withstand dead load (self-load is already acquired) of 1.5 k/ft. and live load of 2 k/ft. take fc’ = 4 ksi and fy = 60 ksi

All the steps are given below 

1- Find out the design load = Wu
2- Find out the design moment = Mu
3- Compute the amount of reinforcement/ reinforcement ratio
4- Workout the size of the beam. Size relates to the breadth and depth of the beam
5- The calculation will be made As or main steel area.

6- Find out the number of main bars
7- Detailing check

A beam is called as a single reinforced beam when you supply reinforcement only in the tension zone of the beam cross-section.

To get more detail, go through the following video

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