What is a staircase?

A staircase is defined as a set of steps from one floor to another floor or a combination of the riser and treads to make easy transportation from one floor to another floor in a building.

Requirements of good stairs

  1. Width of Stair: It should not be less than 1m.
  2. Length of flight: The number of steps in a single flight should not be more than 12 and should not be less than 3 steps
  3. Pitch (Slope) of the stair: It should be between 25 ° to 40 °
  4. Width of landing: The width of the landing should be always greater than the width of a stair.
  5. Winders or kite steps: To build a safe and easy staircase, winders should be avoided, but if necessary, they may be provided at the lower end of the flight.

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