Is it possible to build a pool cheaply, beautifully, and at the same time quickly? Usually, they say that you can choose only two parameters: fast and cheap, but not beautiful, or beautiful and fast, but expensive. However, it happens that you can combine all three components.


● Weeding and making the floor, properly dig about 10cm, plan the area with wooden planks, and use iron nets to reinforce the cement. In hot weather, you need to sprinkle water to avoid cracking.

● Basically, after another day, the cement foundation is ready, the big tires are placed in the planned position, the bottom is covered with a waterproof membrane, and the gaps are handled.

● The outer layer is made of iron mesh, pay attention that the gap in the middle is not easy to be too large, and the junctions need to be reinforced to ensure subsequent stability

● According to the gap left by the iron net, add stones, and after the top is capped, to ensure a certain level of flatness, the seating area left on one side can be increased with wooden boards for easy seating

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