As you scroll through these ridiculous construction fails we can guarantee the same thoughts will cross your minds as they did ours…. what on earth were these people thinking? Surely if they made a mistake during building they would have to start over again and get it right? You would think so, wouldn’t you? The problem with all of these poorly designed places is the fact that they have simply been left there instead of corrected, changed, or removed altogether. All of them are pointless and unable to serve their purpose properly, so what’s the point of leaving them there?! We think the answer to that question is simply to entertain people!

Working on a construction site requires high levels of concentration and careful handling of the equipment. But that’s not always the case! There are countless examples of smaller or… bigger mistakes. Those failures lead many times to hilarious moments. Thankfully, many of them have been caught on camera and have eventually traveled around the internet. We did our research and we present to you some of the biggest construction fails. So sit tight and enjoy our collection.


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