Juliet model is a 2 storey house with a roof deck that can fit a lot with a total area of 250 square meters. Maintaining at least 2 meters on both sides as setback a 12.5 m lot with would be perfect to fit this design. Some would allow at least 1.5 meters minimum setback so 11.5-meter width would also be good for this house model.

The ground floor layout is carefully designed, with the small porch before you enter the living room. The living room measures 5 m by 4 m or 20 sq.m. area to accommodate a U-type sofa and positioning the television set at the right side. the garage is 3.5 m by 5 m enough to accommodate 1 vehicle. Continuing on to the dining and kitchen, a mini-bar separates these two areas. Dining is appropriate for a dining set with 6 chairs and kitchen equipped with hanging cabinets and small storage.

As you can see in the plan, this 2 story house with a roof deck kitchen is very efficient considering its layout. The laundry area is also provided at the inside of the house measuring 2.1 m by 3 m with wash and dry machines and an open shelf to make this area neat and organized.

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