Obani Model is a one storey single attached with a total floor area of 64 square meters with an estimated rough finish budget of fewer than 800 thousand pesos. Good news is, you can build this house in a 120 square meter lot, having a frontage with 10 meters and 12 meters depth.

One storey sing attached house designs is very efficient in terms of lot maximization. Normally, with a single standalone house, it would require at least 1.5 meters setback on both sides, while single attached makes use of the one side firewall utilizing the 1.5 meters as a usable area in the interior.

looking at the perspective, this house is elegant inside and out. The roof is a combination of hipped and gable type roofing, with the long span, galvanized iron pre-painted with dark blue which suits very well the light coloured wall. The gable portions were rendered with grey painted planks and white lining in-between.

Windows area powder-coated aluminium framed sliding windows, the main door is made of the wood panel door. Column pedestal at the front porch is rendered with brickwork or crazy-cut stones. the garage is optional with this single attached one storey, it can be covered or just open as you can see at the top view below.

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