Pile Cap Structural Design Load Carrying Mechanisms Of Piles

1- End bearing cum friction piles carry vertical compressive loads partly by means of resistance offered by the hard stratum at the tip of the pile and partly by the friction developed between the pile shaft and soil

2- Pure friction piles carry the major part of loads only  by means of friction developed between pile shaft and soil, and pure End bearing piles only by means of bearing resistance at the tip of the pile

3- In both the above cases lateral loads are carried by the lateral resistance offered by the surrounding soil.

Load Carrying Capacity Of The Pile Foundation

The load-carrying capacity of the pile in the context of foundation engineering:

The amount of load the pile can carry without undergoing continuous displacements for insignificant load increments by virtue of its boundary condition (soil condition) and not by virtue of its structural strength. The assumption for this definition is – the failure of surrounding soil occurs prior to the failure of the pile material especially in the case of concrete piles

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Pile Capacities

What are the various capacities of pile commonly used in practice?

1- Axial capacity

2- Lateral capacity

3- Pullout capacity or Tension capacity

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