We Will Briefly Explain the Method for Computing the Weight of a Pipe Made of Iron

1- Work out the entire cross-sectional area of the pipe.
2- Work out the entire volume of pipe with the following formula.
volume = total cross-sectional area x length of pipe.
3- Work out the weight of the pipe with the following formula.
weight of pipe = volume of pipe x unit weight of pipe materials.


The Calculation for Find Out the Weight of this Cast Iron Pipe is Made on the Basis of the Following Dimensions

The internal diameter of the pipe = 10 cm
The external diameter of the pipe = 14 cm
Length of the pipe = 5 meters
As we know from the above formula :
Volume = cross-sectional area x length
V = π (D2 – d2)/4 x L
After putting the values, we get the following :
V = π(0.142 – 0.102)/4 x 5 (covert centimeter to meter)
V = 0.0376991 cu.m
So, weight = 0.0376991 x 7200 (as unit of cast iron is equivalent to 7200 kg/m3)
Weight of pipe = 271.433 kg

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