Create stylish spaces that both you and your children will love
Designing kids’ bedrooms can be fun, it’s one of the only rooms in your home you can totally forget about trends or what color will look most sophisticated, what sofa will work best, what kitchen cabinet shade should you choose, and just get creative. Yep, these rooms are every bit as much about you having some fun with decor as there are about creating space your children will love.
At home, it’s important to keep in mind practical elements, including storage and future use, while also making sure your little one’s personality shines through.
Start With the Basics 
Beds – Which bed to buy is an important first decision and one that will affect not only the look of the room but how it’s used. A single bed is by far the most popular for kids’ bedrooms. These can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, with designs including upholstered headboards, four-poster beds, and custom-built options.
For those with the room, having a twin set of single beds is perfect for hosting sleepovers without having to set up a blow-up mattress or have kids sleep all over the living room. Often, single beds can be joined together to make a king-size bed, so in later years when the kids have moved out of the house, this room can be easily converted into a guest room.
Color scheme
Perhaps the most important decision you will make when designing a kids’ room is the color scheme. Letting children help choose colors is a great way to involve them in the design process and get them interested in their new room. A fail-safe way to start is to select a neutral base — white or gray, for instance — then work with one or two accent colors. The easiest way to see if two colors will work together in a room is to look at other rooms.
Build In Storage 
Storage is paramount when designing a kids’ bedroom. Kids outgrow and collect things over the years and need somewhere to store them. Open shelving is a great solution, as you can use boxes to hide toys and clutter, and then display books and treasured possessions in the open. This works especially well for kids, as they are highly visual and will enjoy being able to see all their favorite things.
When thinking about installing more permanent storage, such as built-in cabinets and shelves, think about the future uses of the room and your child. When the child is in the teens, the artwork can be easily taken down and replaced with a television.
Another aspect of cabinetry to consider is incorporating a desk. More often than not, kids will need time in their room to study, so having a built-in desk ready to go is a perfect solution. When children leave home, built-in desks can make for a smart adult study with a quick change of decor.

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