How many people does a sofa accommodate? It’s an important question when buying a couch. Of course, it varies whether it’s kids vs. adults, but there are standard dimensions for sofas that accommodate 2, 3, 4, or 5 people.

Below we set out a series of charts and illustrations that show you the proper dimensions of the couch depending on how many people you want to accommodate.

Sofa dimensions overview

The main dimension you need to concern yourself with when choosing a sofa by how many people can sit in it is the width of the seating area.

  • 2-person sofa: 50″ seating width (does not include the width of the arms).
  • 3-person sofa: 78″ seating width (not including arms).
  • 4-person sofa: 90″ seating width (not including sofa arms).
  • 5-person sofa: 108″ seating width (not including couch arms).
  • Sofa seat height: 18″ (this can vary but 18″ is a common height for the sofa seat).
  • Sofa seat depth: 24″ to 28″ approximately.
  • Sofa back height: Varies tremendously on sofa style.
  • Total sofa width:  Again, it varies depending on the width of the arms.

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