While the fun part of designing a bathroom lies in choosing fixtures and finishes, it’s important to make big decisions about how to maximize function and optimize the layout before you start contemplating the finer details.

Successful bathroom design requires working with the constraints of the space you have to make important decisions about how the room functions and flows. This means thinking about things like how best to design the shower for maximum comfort and efficiency. Where to place the bathtub if you have the space and desire for one. What size and type of vanity you can fit into your particular bathroom? How to work around existing window placement to maximize airflow and natural light. What kind of door works best for privacy and ease of use, or, in the case of a primary suite, whether to install a door at all?

Check out these bathrooms in a range of styles and sizes for ideas to help you design or redesign your bathroom, whether that means building an elegant hotel-style primary suite from scratch, remodeling a guest bathroom, or turning a small studio apartment bathroom into a zen-like oasis that maximizes every last square inch of space.

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