Sublime Cement: A Low-Carbon Solution Revolutionizing Sustainable Construction.

Sublime Systems’ cement receives ASTM C1157 designation

  • Sublime Systems’ innovative product, Sublime Cement, has received the ASTM C1157 designation, a key standard for performance-based hydraulic cement.
  • The attainment of this standard signifies a crucial change in the acceptance of low-carbon solutions in the construction sector, enabling Sublime Cement to be widely used.

Sublime Cement’s true-zero emissions approach

  • Sublime Systems introduces an innovative electrochemical approach to cement production that eliminates the need for fossil-fuel-fired kilns.
  • Their process functions entirely on renewable electricity and requires no additional carbon capture infrastructure.

Sublime Cement exceeds performance requirements

  • Sublime Cement not only meets the stringent ASTM C1157 performance requirements but also exceeds many samples of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).
  • This suggests a longer life cycle for the final products, making Sublime’s offering an attractive alternative.

Sublime’s low-carbon approach balances infrastructure needs and emissions reduction

  • With a significant amount of infrastructure yet to be built to accommodate the growing urban population, Sublime’s low-carbon approach becomes crucial.
  • It allows for the reduction of emissions while meeting the global need for infrastructure.

Sublime Systems plans for global impact on sustainable construction

  • Sublime Systems is already in conversations with potential buyers and plans to have its first field pours in Q4 2023.
  • The company aims to make a seismic impact on sustainable construction globally with its inaugural commercial plant set to be commissioned in 2025.

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