In 1824, Joseph Aspdin, a bricklayer and mason in Leeds, England took out a patent on hydraulic cement, and he called it Portland cement. And he called it that because the color resembled the stone that they quarried on the Isle of Portland off the British coast. Now, his method involved the careful proportioning of limestone and clay.
He pulverized them, and then burned the mixture into what he called “clinker.” That was then ground into the finished cement product. Now, this process that dates back to the 1800s really most resembles the method that we use to make cement today, and today we use these terms, Portland cement, and cement, interchangeably.

Types of Portland Cement

By the American Society for Testing and Materials, there are five types of Portland cement

  • Type-1: Ordinary Portland Cement
  • Type-2: Modified Portland Cement
  • Type-3: High Early Strength Cement
  • Type-4: Low Heat Cement
  • Type-5: Sulfate Resistant

Portland Cement Uses

In construction, there have many more uses for Portland cement. They are

  1. Portland cement is now widely used in construction to make concrete.
  2. This cement exists the maximum of concrete masonry units.
  3. This cement is generally used in various structures like a dam, bridges, buildings, pavements, and where the soil conditions are normal.
  4. This cement is normally used for repairs and fill up the crack in the floor and walls.
  5. Where in construction immediately hardness has required this Portland cement is used.
  6. We also used Portland cement as a filler material, plastering material, and floor surfaces smooth material.
  7. Where the construction cost should be reduced the Portland cement is used. Because the price of this cement is low from the other cement.
  8. Uses of this cement reduced air pollution. So it is used to reduce the pollution of nature.
  9. This cement is used to reduce the risk of cracking. Because this cement has a good crack resisting property.
  10. It is commonly used to obtain a smooth surface of the floor of the building.
  11. We can use this cement for a general construction purpose.
  12. This cement we use because it can give us our desired shape and size according to the construction.
  13. The Portland cement is used in construction where special properties are not required.
  14. This cement is very strong under compressive load so it is used in construction.
  15. This cement is usually used in the form of cement mortar or cement concrete.

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