Hammer is an essential tool in mechanical operation as well as general practices. Hammer used to create an impact on the surface of an object or removing scrap material. Hammer is a multi-tasking tool of very different function range based on the types of operation performing. Tool Kit can’t be completed in absence of a hammer. Basically, it is a hand tool used to the objects. Hammer comes in different variety of ranges in shape; size and structure depend upon their operation.

Different Types of Hammer

There are many types of the hammer and its uses. Some most commonly used list of hammers professionally and others are listed below:

1. Brick Hammer

It is a special type of hammer for breaking down bricks into two or several desired pieces. Brick hammer equipped with a chisel at one end (side) and a conventional regular hammerhead on the other side. It is a utility tool that shown importance most often in civil purposes.

2. Curved claw hammer

It is the most common type of hammer that ever designs. Almost every toolkit has this one into the kit. One end is curved and another end is a regular head formed on the hammer for impact purpose and the curved end is for pulling action (function).

3. Body mechanic hammer

This type of hammer is used by the indenting and painting profession in automobiles. Body mechanic hammer has affix with triangular structure at one end. Usually used for removal of dents from the respective body.

4. Ball peen hammer

Ball peen hammer is used for the purpose of the metalworking profession. Ball peen hammer consists of one end flatten while the other is having a ball-like shape (circular or oval). In proper professional purpose usage, they come with different ball-peen sizes hammer inside of their kit.

5. Dead blow hammer

Dead blow hammer is big, heavy and most important Effective in demolition or destruction purpose.  Big in size, heavy in weight used to break the concrete wall with ease

6. Engineer hammer

This hammer is used in locomotive by engineers. Engineer hammer has flat ends followed by long handle generally for repair purpose and maintenance too.

7. Knife-edge hammer

A Knife-edge hammer is equipped with an axe at one end simply follow to the axe get thinner to become plate to the axe. Knife-edge hammer is used in the lumbar (wood) industry for household and professional purposes.

8. Line man’s hammer

Line man’s hammer has one flat end and a solid curve on to another end. It is used by the workman in electrical or telephone lines. The main utility of a line man’s hammer is the insertion of nails onto the poles.

9. Sledge hammer

It is short, heavy used for light demolition and wedging (fitting the things into the narrow spaces). It a nice multi-tasking tool for sure.

10. Welder chipping hammer

Chipping hammer is used for the removal of slag after arc welding the hammer is of robust construction and well balanced. It has a special property of dissipating heat.

11. Toolmaker hammer

This hammer is unique in design has a circular hole in the hammerhead which consists of magnifying lens used for delicate work and the heart of every machine shop.

12. Jack hammer

It is a pneumatic tool that is connected to the chisel. It is a powerful tool used on the roads and other allied areas.

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