Introduction of steel 

The difference between cast iron and steel is different amount of their carbon contents. Alloys in which the iron mixes with carbon and also other elements to become steel. And high carbon steel percentage should be not greater than from 1.5%

Types of steel

We have different types of steel which are some of these.

1- Mild Steel

2- Medium Carbon Steel

3- High Carbon Steel

1- Mild Steel

In mild steel where the amount of carbon is from 0.15% to 0.30% so this kind of steel Is called mild steel. And also we called this kind of steel Low carbon steel or Soft steel.

Properties Of Mild Steel

1- This steel Is ductile and malleable and very soft.

2- This steel is more elastic than cast iron.

3- It can be permanently used.

4- Specific gravity of this steel Is 7.8.

5- This steel does not affected from saline waters.

6- It can easily weld and riveted.

Use of mild steel

This kind of steel is mostly used in construction works. From this (mild steel) take a circular bar of 25mm, 12mm, 8mm etc. so these bars are used in concrete work to resist the tensile stress.

2- Medium Carbon Steel

In this kind of steel, we used the amount of carbon from 0.30 to 0.60%. when we used this percentage of carbon in steel so this kind of steel is called Medium carbon steel. And This kind of steel is stronger than low carbon steel, and it is more difficult to form in welding and also in cutting.

Properties of Medium Carbon Steel

1-  This kind of steel so hard from low carbon steel/mild steel.

2- Its too much difficult in cutting.

3- It does not bend easily.

Use of Medium carbon steel

The use of Medium carbon steel is required high tensile strength and ductility. And this kind of steel used to make a different thing with a choice. But we have to use the used amount of carbon from 0.30 to 0.60% so it will be able to make anything with our choice.

High carbon steel

In this kind of steel (High carbon steel) we used the amount of carbon from 0.60% to 1.5%. When we used this per cent of carbon so this kind of steel is called High carbon steel.

Properties of High Carbon steel

1- This kind of steel is more difficult in welding.

2- It is too much easier to harden and to temper.

3- This kind of steel Is using permanent.

Use of High Carbon Steel

High carbon steel is used to make axes, Knife, Swords and scissors for cutting tools.

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