This construction video sifts through the phases which are essential to creating the design of a rectangular beam.

The total steps are divided as follow:

The first step – Process for detecting the depth of the beam:

The Formula for Depth of beam is = l/16 (Here l stands for the length or span and 16 stands for constitute Lu.

The second step – Process for detecting the breadth of beam:

The formula for Breath of beam = 50 per cent to 60 per cent of the depth of the beam

The third step – Process for figuring out self-weight of the beam:-

The formula for self-weight of beam S.W= B * d * density of concrete Here B denotes breath,d denotes depth and S.W denotes self weigh

Therefore, Weight (W) = 145 to 154 lbs/ft3 or Cft.

For more information watch this video

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