A vertical garden is a kind of modern garden that grows upward (vertically) facilitated by the use of a trellis or other support systems, rather than growing on the ground (horizontally).

Anything growing on a trellis or even a fence is technically part of a vertical garden. This system can be used to build living screens between different areas, providing privacy for your yard or home.

More recently, vertical gardens are also been used to cultivate flowers and even vegetables. Vertical gardening is known by many as a means to make certain they are using their garden space to its maximum potential. An uncomplicated framework formed by bamboo poles can permit vining plants to climb vertically, providing more growing space than would be achievable in a conventional horizontal garden. Cucumbers, squash, and even tomatoes can be cultivated vertically, as well.

The lack of vegetation in urbanized areas, as a result of the exploding population and human establishments directly affects the quality of life we are living, from the physical and aesthetical point of view. The construction of vertical gardens is suggested both in interiors and especially in the exterior of buildings. By using these technologies, any kind of area can be utilized at its maximum facility, adding aesthetic value, is beneficial for the environment and human health.

Even if the price of constructing and maintaining vertical gardens is found higher than classical landscaping it can be compensated by the environmental benefits, of raising the vegetation surfaces, with an impact on reducing the pollution effect. The new modern concepts for landscape advancement are enthusiastic for using any kind of concrete or glass, turning them into real vertical gardens, having the potential to overcome the development of the urban regions making a smooth transition for a healthy green urban environment.

Vertical Gardening is an extraordinary type of urban gardening appropriate to small spaces, particularly for decorating the walls and roofs in various fashions. This is an alternative technique for gardening by expanding the possibility of growing plants in a vertical space. The biggest issue with gardening is, that intensive urbanization has left barely any dedicated space for outdoor gardens. Green walls are not just spectacularly attractive, but they are also helpful in vitalizing the ambiance. Green walls also help to take up heated gas in the air, and lower both indoor and outdoor temperatures, providing healthier indoor air quality as well as a more beautiful space to live.

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