What is a rebar coupler?

Rebar couplers are components that connect two reinforcing bars in the longitudinal direction, forming a mechanical splice. This is an alternative to lap splices or welded connections.

Mechanical splices are used to avoid protruding bars in casting joints, reduce congestion in confined spaces, and save rebar length.

Rebar couplers are manufactured and attached to the rebar with different technologies and have therefore different characteristics, such as tensile capacity, robustness under real site conditions, ease of assembly, and control of the correct installation. It is important to consider these characteristics to make the right choice for your project.

Rebar Coupler is a system used for rebars Diameter greater than 36 mm …or Lapping is not allowable for rebars Diameter greater than 36 mm.

Advantages of using couplers overlapping the bar

  • It is a practical and economical alternative to lap bars.
  • Cut off the dependency on the concrete for load transfer.
  • Easy to assemble, and install, and no torque wrench is required.
  • Shortens construction cycle times and offers greater structural integrity.
  • It eliminates the reinforcement congestion and thus reduces the material cost by eliminating the length of laps.

Disadvantages of couplers

  • There is a possibility of misalignment in the attachment of two shafts which will create an excessive force on the coupling, shaft, and bearings, causing them to wear prematurity.
  • The availability of couplers in the local market is very difficult their ​diameter is more than 32mm or more.
  • It may create structural damage if the grade of the coupler will not be equivalent to the reinforcement bars.
  • Skilled masons are required for the assembling process.

Types of couplers

  1. Couplers with parallel threads
  2. Couplers with taper-cut threads
  3. Coupler with integral threads over the full-length bar
  4. Metal sleeves swaged onto bars
  5. Threaded couplers swaged onto the ends of reinforcing bars
  6. Wedge locking sleeves
  7. Couplers with shear bolts and serrated saddles

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