We have noticed many times about AC and DC but very few of us know exactly the difference between them, and this is mostly the favourite question of the interviewer, so today we will see their main difference between AC and DC

1- Amount of energy that can be carried

AC-Safe to transfer over longer city distances and can provide more power.

DC-Voltage of DC cannot travel very far until it begins to lose energy.

2- Cause of the direction of flow of electrons

AC-Rotating magnet along the wire.

DC-Steady magnetism along the wire.

3- Frequency 

AC-The frequency of the alternating current is 50Hz or 60Hz depending upon the country.

DC-The frequency of the direct current is zero.

4- Direction 

AC-It reverses its direction while flowing in a circuit.

DC-It flows in one direction in the circuit.

5- Current 

AC-It is the current of magnitude varying with time

DC-It is the current of constant magnitude.

6- Flow of Electrons 

AC-Electrons keep switching directions – forward and backward.

DC-Electrons move steadily in one direction or ‘forward’.

7- Obtained from 

AC-A.C Generator and mains.

DC-Cell or Battery.

8- Passive Parameters 


DC-Resistance only

9- Power Factor 

AC-Lies between 0 & 1.

DC-it is always 1.

10- Types 

AC-Sinusoidal, Trapezoidal, Triangular, Square.

DC-Pure and pulsating.

11- Equipment

AC– power Generation Equipment have more efficiency

DC– power Generation Equipment have less efficiency

Watch this video for more information

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