Changan Uni-T of the heatwave, the model of the convertible SUV once again put this gravitated series, this is a headline with a low heel body, a sports tail Hood SUV sports car.

There is no exaggeration, the UNI-T convertible version of the model is more concerned that the uni-K focus is higher than the current wind, and the self-brand convertible SUV model is known as the Changan high-end brand gravity series. “NUI new species”.

The design of the front face maintains the design style of the UNI series, and the “Z” shape on both sides, the headlights are designed with air-blown slots. The sharp style has a sense of aggressiveness, highlighting the dynamic properties, the unique boundless door, fashion atmosphere, the raised styling of the back seat pillow, increasing the moving atmosphere of the car.

It is not difficult to see that this is a two-four convertible model. Because of the SUV model, although the head design looks lower, the SUV model is domineering or retained in new models On the body, the rear of the sports tail, especially the wind, everywhere is high.

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