A truss is a structure that uses straight materials (usually) to form triangles, that when connected act as a single object. So, a truss roof is a roof structure made up of several trusses that, when combined and connect, make up the roof structure. Put simply; there are several triangular structures, that can be made from wood or steel, that make up the roof structure when connected.

Components of a single roof truss

A typical roof truss is composed of three primary components—the top and bottom chords and the web bracings. Posts, struts, and rafters make up the entire framework. The sizes of these parts are dependent on the load, spacing, and span. Although they are subjected to intense compression and tension, they are built to withstand stress, making them less likely to bend or collapse. Trusses handle a variety of loads, whether they are inclined, vertical, or horizontal loads.

Properties of roof trusses

Made of wood or metal, the trusses of a roofing system can be customized, assembled, and transported from place to place. They may be lightweight, but every roofing contractor makes sure that the entire structure’s weight is distributed equally to minimize the possibility of a collapse. One of their downsides, however, is that they require more labor to construct and maintain.

The importance of roof trusses

Trusses provide support to roofing systems to ensure protection against the weather. A strong roof supported by these components prevents harmful ultraviolet radiation from entering your home. They also prevent damage to the exposed roof. Since the roof is the primary line of defense against the elements, it must be reinforced further.

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