Knowing the way that petroleum products are not going to keep going forever, sun oriented power age is by all accounts driving the way in spotless and sustainable power source age among all other inexhaustible wellsprings of vitality creation. China which once appears to be world’s biggest polluter has now built up the biggest sun oriented power plant. Besides by 2020 India is expecting to create 100,000 MW of power from sun oriented power plant as it were.

Tesla has stepped up with regards to control up the Kauai island of Hawaii through sunlight based power plant as it were. Tesla is giving its modern battery packs, to store the vitality of sun to be utilized during the evening. They are guaranteeing that they can illuminate the whole island without daylight for up to 3 days. Also, gets energized back in only 7 hours of daylight, isn’t that astonishing! Proficient generation of intensity from daylight is the main theme of research all around the world. Allows simply make sense of the stuff to change over daylight into power.

How does a Solar Panel Converts Sunlight into Electricity?

Silicon is a much realized semiconductor having properties of the two metals and non-metals. To make a sun oriented board, this silicon is doped by a pentavalent polluting influence changing over silicon into positive kind silicon otherwise called p-type silicon. What’s more, also other part is changed over into negative or n-type silicon. As name propose p-type have abundance of gaps (positive charge) in it and n-type has unreasonable electrons. At that point these two are consolidated together one over other upto the nuclear dimension. Because of their contact and having inverse charge electrons spill out of n-type to p-type and gaps make a trip from p-type to n-type in this way making a thin potential obstruction between them. The current so produced from this development of charges is named as dispersion current. In any case, we have to see one more thing that is because of this potential boundary, offering ascend to electric field which streams from the positive charge close n-type and negative charge close p-type intersection (the territory where potential is created or meeting region of p and n type). Because of this electric field electrons from p-type begins streaming towards n-type and openings from n-type towards p-type offering ascend to a flow called float flow. At first the dissemination current is more than the float current however as potential contrast increments because of dispersion it all the while builds the float current. Current quits streaming when float current ends up equivalent to dissemination current.

Daylight goes to earth as little vitality particles called photons. This photon strike the p-type area and exchange its vitality to opening and electron combine along these lines energizing the electron and it makes tracks in an opposite direction from gap. The electric field we have because of potential distinction at p-n intersection makes its electron to make a trip to n-type district along these lines making the flow stream.

In any case, there more to know, to make this electric field sufficient so it must venture out to n-type locale and not recombine with the opening it has been isolated from. To make this electric field solid the n-type and p-type areas are associated with negative and positive terminals of battery, this procedure is known as invert inclination condition. Doing this builds the likelihood of electron voyaging up and down the best approach to n-type area once isolated from a gap. Along these lines expanding the productivity of a sunlight based board.

Working Principle

The working standard is that we utilize the vitality of photons to get the float current streaming in the circuit utilizing switched inclination p-n intersection diode (p-type and n-type silicon blend).

Main Components

sun based power plant primary parts

1- Solar Panels

It is the core of the sun based power plant. Sun powered boards comprises various sun based cells. We have around 35 sun powered cells in a single board. The vitality created by each sun powered cell is little, yet consolidating the vitality of 35 of them we have enough vitality to charge a 12 volt battery.

2- Solar Cells

It is the vitality producing unit, made up of p-type and n-type silicon semiconductor. It’s the core of sun based power plant.

3- Battery

Batteries are utilized to create the power back or store the abundance vitality delivered amid day, to be provided amid night.

4- D.C. to A.C. Converter (Inverter)

Sun oriented boards deliver coordinate current which is required to be changed over into exchanging current to be provided to homes or power framework.

Working of Solar Power Plant

As daylight falls over a sun oriented cells, a substantial number of photons strike the p-type area of silicon. Electron and opening pair will get isolated in the wake of retaining the vitality of photon. The electron goes from p-type district to n-type area because of the activity of electric field at p-n intersection. Further the diode is switched one-sided to expand this electric field. So this present begins streaming in the circuit for individual sun powered cell. We consolidate the current of all the sun based cells of a sun based board, to get a critical yield.

Working of sunlight based power plant

Sun based power plant have an extensive number of sun oriented boards associated with one another to get a huge voltage yield. The electrical vitality originating from the joined exertion of sun powered boards is put away in the Lithium particle batteries to be provided during the evening, when there is no daylight.

Energy Storage

Capacity of the vitality created by the sun based boards is an essential issue. In some cases the unused vitality created amid daytime is utilized to siphon water to some stature, with the goal that it could be utilized to produce power utilizing its potential vitality when required or for the most part during the evening time. For current being Tesla is giving its mechanical vitality pack to store vitality and as of now it is illuminating a whole island. Tesla has likewise made an offer to Australia that it could give its battery pack to crisis power outages. The expense of assembling of sun based boards has diminished quickly in most recent couple of years, same is said to be valid with the mechanical vitality pack (Lithium particle batteries), as the creation and request expands their expense will diminish in coming couple of years.

Advantages of Solar Energy

1- Most clean and renewable source of energy.

2- It is available in abundance and endless.

3- It provides electricity at low cost, as fuel is free.

4- With new research in this sector we now have a good power storage solution.

5- Keeping in mind the pollution and cost of fossil fuel, it’s becoming the most reliable source of clean energy.

Disadvantages of Solar Power Plant

1- It requires a lot of land to be captured forever.

2- Initial cost of installation is too high.

3- The energy storage options are not efficient and moreover costly if efficient.

4- Power production is quite low as compared to nuclear or other resources to produce power.

5- There is a problem if it is cloudy for few days.

6- Their production causes pollution.


1- Solar power plant is powering cities in most efficient manner.

2- Solar panels could be used to generate electricity individually for each house especially in remote areas.

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