While taking a long weekend trip out of town is one thing, if your journey lasts more than a week, you’ll need to consider how you’ll keep your plants happy and healthy.

Don’t worry; even the most committed gardener can take a little break and return to a flourishing garden thanks to this helpful article.

Filling an empty water bottle with water and putting it in the ground is one of the easiest ways to water plants while you’re away. Twist the bottle a little after inserting its neck into the ground. As needed, the water will gradually drain into the soil.

Using an empty milk or water jug or any other one-gallon plastic container is another simple way to water your crop gradually.

Pour water into the jug and screw on the cap. Make a small hole or two in the bottom of the jug and place it in the ground. Set the jug in direct contact with the soil, close to the base of the plant. It might be necessary to remove part of the mulch. The soil will gradually absorb the water.

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