Soil stabilization is the process which is used to improve the engineering properties of the soil and thus making it more stable. Soil stabilization is required when the soil available for construction is not suitable for the intended purpose. It includes compaction, consolidation, drainage and many other such processes.

Uses of Soil Stabilization
 It is used for many purposes. It increases different soil properties as listed below

1- Soil stabilization is used to reduce the permeability and compressibility of the soil mass in earth structures and to increase its shear strength.

2- It is used to increase the bearing capacity of foundation soils.

3- It is used to improve the natural soils for the construction of highway and airfields.

4- It is also used to make an area trafficable within a short period of time for emergency purposes.

5- Soil stabilization is used to increase the unit weight of the soil.

6- It helps to decrease the void ratio of the soil.

7- Stabilization of soil increases the shear strength of the soil.

Soil Stabilization Methods

Different soil stabilization techniques are used all over the world. These soil stabilization methods are listed below.

1- Cement stabilization

2- Lime stabilization

3- Chemical stabilization

4- Bituminous stabilization

5- Grouting concrete stabilization

6- Geotextile stabilization

7- Reinforced earth stabilization.

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